Where Angles Hesitate

There are squirrels the size of similes. Rats pose as metaphors.
A gerbil is being a gerund. Slant rhymes recline in jars.
On the never edge of everywhere mute phonemes ply the trade
of participles who have got a royal flush in spades.

The sun comes up the way it must in legendary tales.
Storms blow away the wind itself and adverbs tally pails
of overindulgent modifiers Hemingway would hate.
The full stops start a race across where angles hesitate.

Ellipsisically in threes they trot. Alone they cannot fend
off question marks like this that marks what surely is the end?

A Dilly of a Pesadilla

The squirrels in this bird nest are marginalising the snakes.
We measure the nest. It must have been a very big bird.
We fashion a podium determined to do what it takes.
We clamour for silence in a fey futile wish to be heard.

The snakes glisten. They listen, we think, with their darting forked tongues.
The squirrels chatter on, scatter off, commandeer the dry places.
The water wraiths rise and make light of our ladder’s low rungs.
The serpentine similes formed by our moistening boot laces

give signals we sapiens and serpents and squirrels are in deep
in this nocturnal nonsense disturbing what should be our sleep.

Scream. Again.

’Open your eyes,’ they tell me, ‘if you want to sleep.
It will anchor you in a Somewhere and a Now.’
I try to. I imagine I see a ceiling
and curtains – not deep space and unicorns.
I tire. I close my eyes. All hell breaks loose
contaminating Earth like humans do.
Alone on the shore of a beautiful, dead sea,
on a beach where plastic trash hides tar-smeared sand,
I stand in a crowd just like me and we scream.
There’s no life but us to hear us. Scream. Again.

Government of the People

The mad minister pulls the wings off glued-down flies.
‘It relaxes me,’ he says. ‘It always has.’
He smiles at the frightened people stood before him.
They’re glued down too, he thinks. He looks for eyes
that stay averted from the wingless flies.
He beckons to those with averted eyes.
‘Come here,’ he orders. ‘Here! Stick out your tongue.’