Weetabrexit Breakfast

They named their daughter Heartfelt but they spelt
it ‘hert veld’ which I think means ‘field of deer’.
‘Or for deer, dear,’ says Hertveld. Hail stones pelt
the old Humber bonnet that roofs our shelter here
in post-brexit England. I think I felt
a rat brush by my ankle. If so we are near
to catching or being breakfast. We’re OK.
No more EU to plague us, and no UK.

Tea Time Regardless

It was time for some jollity
He squirted cognac in our tea
And said nothing cheers one up
Like alcohol in a stirrup cup

That’s like rhyming while the empire burns
Or playing bowls among the urns
Containing ashes of the great
Who brought us to our current state

A short term thrill that makes us ill
But we don’t think at first it will
We toast ourselves and try to smile
It always works a little while

Attention Retention

‘I’ll be back at five-thirty to complain about being left out,’
she said to the angels, the lesser ones, watching a game
with real Christians and Tigers. One big cat had a pope in its mouth
while converts with halberds attempted to make the beast lame.
The angels gasped when a rank god with rabies approached from the south
and they raced to be first to mark up their screens with his name.
She, being a goddess herself, wanted live action more
so she shattered their tablets and shot a bolt closing the door.

An Egret’s Search for One Good Human (Episode 3)

An Egret’s Search for One Good Human

Humming birds and bees
have gone missing.
‘OK,’ people say.

‘We’ll make plastic flowers.’
Even egrets know
this is crazy.

A dolphin nears
the shore enough
that I can ask her

has she met
or heard of
one good human

‘Nature is the polluter,
their Reagan said,’
the dolphin snorted.

‘I swam through ugly miles
of human-made plastic,
starved and scared to fish

knowing that fish fill
themselves with plastic tossed
by your good humans.’