Hold the Black Hole

In my letter to the editor I said
if you want to publish this you better hurry
because when month-end starts we’ll all be dead
and gone, the earth collapsed into a slurry
and nanoseconds later just a blurry
nothingness. I’ll only write ten lines
and duck and hope the next time God designs
a planet people will show more concern
then we did this time, failing to read signs
and letting loonies loose down under CERN.

No worries, eh. Everything is still ticking over. I wrote this in May 2008 and just found and revised it a little. I had been reflecting on the new CERN particle accelerator and an article that began, ‘Could Welsh scientist end our universe?… As bizarre as it sounds, that is what a federal court in the US will have to decide in June. Two American citizens say the £2bn giant particle accelerator which will begin smashing protons together at Cern (The European Centre for Nuclear Research) near Geneva this summer could end the world and everything outside it…’

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