A Goddess Awakens

The sun shown in the heavens.
The moon shined boats at sea.
The slow glow maiden Amalot
Two-Handle slept till three
then Everywhere condensed into
the point she knew as Here
and the Wisdom-Tooth man Getafix
pulled her a pint of beer.
Their breakfast was a fleet of trout
she flummoxed with a net
and flipped on shore then in a pan
while Wisdom-Tooth Man set
a table where mad hatters served
as party favours for
the guests he said were coming soon.
She watched amazed he’d pour
a Stetson full of beer into
tall schooners meant for port.
He told her it was what he’d seen
the Windsors do at court.
This mollified the maiden and
the idea made her smile
as she cut him into chunks she chucked
to her pet crocodile.

3 thoughts on “A Goddess Awakens

  1. Speaking of smiling maidens and moon shined boats, did you see the Cheshire Cat moon yesternight? Tonight, too, maybe?

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