Question Time

Which questions are appropriate? Nearly none.
To ask and answer questions brings unrest,
negation and embarrassment. Am I right?
You may well know an answer. Maybe not,
but either way there’s sure to be some swot
who will answer betterquickerfaster or at least
in a way that draws the attention of that beast
social scientists call Discussion. Here it comes.

4 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. Begrijp je gedicht, heerlijk. Uit het hart gegrepen, als je net op de terugweg naar een discussieprogramma op BNR hebt beluisterd.

    • Hello and thanks for reading and commenting, Tom. No, nothing at ALL to do with Mot tWo woT, because a swot is a person who studies hard, esp. one regarded as spending too much time studying.

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