Monnickendam Dawn

The below-horizon sun redlines the clouds,
accelerates their thinning till all’s clear.
The day makes light of darkness and its shrouds
and with silhouette and sound the birds appear.
Grey herons lift from graveyard nests and plane
above the houses cruising to the sites
they will fish today. From trees blackbirds explain
in glorious song their territorial rights.
A mallard beats a rival with his beak,
re-joins his pretty partner and they fly,
they and the rival. Jackdaws light and seek
what darkness hid, and find it now the sky
is filled with sun and sound. Old church bells ring
in another summer day this magic Spring.

4 thoughts on “Monnickendam Dawn

  1. Edited title from ‘Monnickendam Dawn’ to ‘Dutch Dawn’ to make it more universal and to sound better, then back again to ‘Monnickendam Dawn’ to better place the poem.

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