Thunder Like Music

Home from the towers hiding suit go in village
big shirt and jeans custom scuffed leather boots
Rolling Stone issues with O’Rourke a must read
Punch in the great years of editor Cohen
seeming like old Times humour now gentle
music like thunder on bridges on way home
after smoke after taste faux friendly noise
bars well known and never forever returning
grimaces stranding in stand in emotions
first light not all right quick love making all right
off in a daze breakfast snack bars and papers
up in the tower a suit among peer groups
and papers those always and budgets and bytes
random lunch restaurants over tipped waiters
cars for the trip back and tipped back and snoring
next morning meetings prepared for and boring
systems arising and changing the world
ways not imagined or cared about much
systems devised cause we could and we did
we can and we do it we do it again
thunder like music it’s all rock and roll.

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