To My Darling on the Occasion or Odd Chance Of

Amiss Eugene. Lawn thyme know sea.
Hugh nose wear ours spade?
Ere snot a glottal wee cane dew
awl oat thwart den aloofer made
inn eye wash harpy inure harms
weather ore snow yew ad wigged.
Thee season dun moor dandy worms
hand awl disc son cant eave affix
ah loan watt dazing knights boat through
aweigh hand lift may messing ewe.

Ears aplomb /Here’s a poem:

I miss you, Jean. Long time no see.
Who knows where hours sped?
There’s not a lot that we can do
although thou were then a lovely maid
and I was happy in your arms
whether or no you had twigged.
The sea’s undone more than he warms
and all this sun can’t even fix
alone what days and nights both threw
away and left me missing you.

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