Cynic admonishes:
‘When you wish upon a star
you bet on something that’s too far
away to pay attention to
something minuscule as you.’

Stellar response:
‘Don’t underrate the speed of light.
We’re here for you day and night.
Pay no heed to cynics who
try to tarnish hope for you.’

Cynic sneers:
‘Ooh, silver linings! What comes next,
peaks with clouds up to their necks
who divert from mountainous tasks
to help poor you because you ask?’

Stellar response:
‘To believe in only what you see
blinds you to reality.
Once you’re wise you will perceive
that seeing starts when you believe.’

3 thoughts on “BILLBOARDS

  1. Excellent. Rather positive! Hope you are again delighted with Spain.

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  2. I si.

    On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 3:44 PM, Earth Tourist wrote:

    > Alan Reynolds posted: “Sy Kneck admonishes:’When you wish upon a > staryou bet on something that’s too faraway to pay attention tosomething > minuscule as you.’Stellar response:’Don’t underrate the speed of > light.We’re here for you day and night.Pay no heed to cynics whotry to > tarn”

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