Occasional Guides

You have seen the open road of life
And how it drove us together
And what it did.

Dogs loose leashes, lose lives
Chasing life’s pleasures
Across roads.

Your wolfhounds, melancholy,
Gaze at life’s rabbits,
Electrical implants

And invisible tripwires
Keeping them immortal
Until blackout.

You think I continue appreciating
Your forever improving me
But I cannot.

The fires of passion burn forever
Exalting those inflamed
But not here

Where you polished time until
It gave up passing
And stood down.

God, a slow writer for readers on speed,
Lights wires they have tripped,
Proclaiming laws

Self-evident should corpses read
Or the quick acquire

Beyond time space is pointless.
I imagine this no way.
It works.

A heron and donkey barter nests
They eat or sleep in
While I dream.

God fell on hard times
And consumed them.
The residue,

Less than the wafting ash of Gomorrah,
Had no atmosphere
To waft in.

My starship, startled by this
Information from
Black holes,

Changes course one-tenth and tithes
Three years of Hawking drive

If God is in the details,
Then seeing them is where
Satan lives.

‘Blessed vision’ does not mean
Seeing many of them
All at once.

And knowing that what goes round,
Et cetera, can drive
Someone once sane

To where despair seems kindness
And sanity is mockery
Of the dark.

My starship is quicker than time.
Light loses out.
I am its crew.

Starboard is on every side.
Why do you regret
That I am gone?

There were momentous eternities
We squandered gaily
Which is the way

To deal on that plane
Where tripwires are

Of course you cannot phone
Me here because
I’m there.

Earth, out of the orbit
Of God and higher meaning,
Meant home.

We headed there, crossing roads
And invisible tripwires
With but

Occasional twinges and tears
We took for nostalgia
As guides.

God beat us home
Where even your care
Had gone.

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