Crocodylus Acutus

The puerile croc up to his eyes in alligator flats
has polished off two kiwis: one cordovan, one black.
He much prefers, he leers at all, the polish to the paste
and says he bastes his choice more on staying power than taste.
Koalas smell of leaves they eat, and in the same way Croc
has belched himself an aura that locks vulture flocks in shock.
One fly-by of Croc’s lee side, they refuse to salivate
and chunder in their plumage. Croc waves and calls out, ‘Mate,
come down and swim with me and we’ll gobble monotremes,
amuse ourselves by snorkelling sharks and other creek extremes.’
The vultures retch incurably and curse big reptile geeks
as blithe as kookaburras with two geckos in their beaks.

Published in MÖBIUS, May, 1998.

2 thoughts on “Crocodylus Acutus

  1. Gruesome, but very funny. Have enjoyed your poems of late. It is so hot– almost 100 that I stay in and treat it like winter– reading lots. Hope you are enjoying warm, sunny days. Have you read anything special lately? Cheers, Sandra Sent from my iPad


  2. Many thanks, Sandra. That heat sounds like a reason to stay inside. We have four seasons a week here, it hit 90 for one day and that was a record. On the other hand, I don’t even know anyone here who has air conditioning. Right now it is misting and 68 F.

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