Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking-1

I follow thoughts that lead me to despair.
I take their hands and turn them. We head home.
They show me homes that are no longer there
if they ever were. Despair strips comfort bare.
Be rational, I think. That makes things worse.
At the end of time clear vision is a curse.

The jackdaw lands before me, caws my name.
It enquires why I am wasting hours moping.
‘You’re alive. Why are you kicking? You’re not lame
except in chances that you let escape by hoping
for a perfect world you are proof does not exist.’

I try to think things through. The jackdaw flies
before me. Wings beat on my dismal thoughts
until they are exposed for what they are.
I laugh and chase the morning and the bird.

6 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking

  1. Oh, Alan, this poem so resonated with me as I read it this morning. For the past week I’ve felt much the same way, surrounded by the insanity of the world that I feel helpless to change. Thank you for letting the jackdaw flutter its wings in my face today too.

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