Saturated Saturday

A susurration of incoming rain provokes the jackdaws’ caws.
The darkening clouds blank off the sun that shone so bright at dawn.
The summer day fades right away and Calvinistic laws
of climate here make weekends drear. Fog rolls across the lawn.

Monday was a sunny day. From Tuesday on it was hot
while we were locked in offices without a chance to shirk
our duties and enjoy outside. Vacationers we’re not.
On weekdays we pursue one thing: we live to go to work.

The weekend is ours. Two entire days to do just what we will.
We can swim and surf and sunbathe if we can survive the chill.

4 thoughts on “Saturated Saturday

  1. I love this– it reads beautifully and is so very true, especially on this hot and humid Saturday with predictions of heavy thunderstorms later in the day.

  2. Good Poem and rain seems to come on the weekend. At least one can read.

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