Visit with Dead Friend

He leans into the wall. That makes me shiver.
Not ‘against’ but ‘into’ – he’s flaunting that he’s a ghost.
I have to convince him I think he’s alive or
he’ll fly through me. That’s his shtick I hate the most.

We talk about the good times we experienced.
We reread ageing email notes we shared.
The twilight comes and goes as if the day sensed
how our meeting leaves reality impaired.

He asks me to remind him how it feels
to feel anything: heat, anger, hunger. Love.
I ask him what if anything Death reveals.

We try but tire of finding any answers.
The wall resists my imitative shove.
We realise we are using up our chances.

4 thoughts on “Visit with Dead Friend

  1. Touching. We are losing friends now because we are “olding.” Think of the rich, good times. Memories are soothing.

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