Madness Lies

Much madness lies behind what lurks ahead:
the truth looms worse than madness ever was.
Most times truth lies obscured by nature’s grace,
but now I am accursed and forced to gaze
into the final private place of soul.

There’s nothing there, repeated into screams
that resonate like nothing I have heard.
Words flail me, and blanched neurones bait my ghost.
I’d sacrifice my years to come for signs
that this has any purpose.

A line too short to grasp escapes my head.
I say, to stay my fear, it was an answer.
Someday I will find meaning that I seek.
I pray for that: to capture truth, and read
the reason for the chaos we call facts.

The clouds of grace draw veils across the sun,
and the rain comes down like prayers while I sleep.

3 thoughts on “Madness Lies

  1. Alan, this is another really excellent poem that reaches deep. It resonates in me and I think would do so with many, many people. Well done, you!
    PS–I like the revamped website. :)

    • I made 3 screen captures for you so you can see what I’m seeing. One when I click on “My Site,” one when I click on, “Reader,” and one when I click on “Write” at the upper right side of the page. I’m a little confused since two of them show my website and it’s almost like I could write on my site from yours. Not really sure what’s going on there.

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