The Ark of Noah

The Ark of Noah saves us from the flood
of death brought to the Earth by our sort’s rise.
In each part of the planet where life stood
till we arrived, we’ve ushered in demise

of all the native creatures large and small
that we could catch. That’s sadly nearly all.

We humans torched Australia where we slew
the diprotodon, the giant kangaroo,
birds big as houses, wombats tall as me,
the marsupial lion, and every sort of tree

that fire brought low. We helped the eucalyptus
out of ignorance. Not much of nature likes us.

I could go on. We think we can go on
in our ark that sails the dying seas. How long?

2 thoughts on “The Ark of Noah

  1. Too true. For all the good mankind has done, I think we’ve probably done a lot more harm. It seems like for each good invention we come up with, 5 negatives pop up. You said it well in this poem.

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