Imagined question on intermediate Spanish test

Translate the following sentence using correct tenses:

‘I, or perhaps more precisely my brain, was interpreting amodal codes with my (our?) intraparietal sulcus when Javier popped in to say the barn had burned down.’

For extra credit translate the same sentence into English.

3 thoughts on “Imagined question on intermediate Spanish test

    • And thank you for your comment, Francina. It made me laugh out loud. Actually the translation into Spanish was not hard after I looked up ‘amodal codes’ and ‘intraparietal sulcus’ EXCEPT THAT in either language I don’t really understand either term :-)

      Yo, o más exactamente mi cerebro, interpretaba códigos amodales con mi (nuestro?) surco intraparietal cuando Javier apareció para decir que el granero se había quemado.

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