The LoTPoS Saves Earth, Again

The Lords of This Part of Space, the LoTPoS, decided it was past high time to intervene on Earth before its humans ruined it.
‘Irrevocably,’ said the Clerk of Fate.
‘Forever,’ added the Recorder of Quantum.
‘Right,’ said the Keeper of Debits. ‘I have a plan.’
The other Lords listened. Nothing else had worked and something very different and quick was needed.
‘We will arrange,’ the KoD continued, ‘for proper clothing. It will change the way humans see their leaders. Change their views of who they follow and the world will become a better place. Maybe even survive.’
‘Subtle,’ said the CoF.
‘Details?’ enquired the RoQ.
The KoD waved and holograms of all Earth’s human leaders appeared. ‘By “arrange” I mean of course “make happen”. Humans recognise their firemen and their judges by the costumes those persons wear. They associate their leaders with a certain way of dressing. Their leaders dress like rich, powerful, well-groomed, well-coiffed models of efficiency and success. We are going to change that.’
The RoQ was getting antsy. ‘How?’
‘The RoQ means what will we get them to wear instead,’ said the CoF.
‘Like this,’ said the KoD. The holograms of all the current world leaders blurred. When they came back into focus their suits, hats, ties and jewels had all been replaced.
‘I like it!’ said the CoF.
‘Might work,’ agreed the RoF.
‘It’s the only way leaders, and candidates for leadership jobs, will be able to dress,’ said the KoD.
The assembled LoTPoS looked at the holograms. All the leaders stood barefooted and bareheaded. They wore identical grey short-sleeved sweatshirts and identical grey drawstring shorts.
The assembled LoTPoS laughed, and said, ‘Let it be done.’


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