Chilling in the Polder

Here it’s five degrees. It’s twenty in Valencia
so, QED, there it’s four times warmer.
Pure math provides my faultless referencia
and Mother Nature’s never let my logic harm her
though she does insist we split the diferencia
to leave me five and give twenty to the charmer
who put new math in my-cold fingered reach
in my igloo while he trots off to the beach.

2 thoughts on “Chilling in the Polder

  1. Alan, consider moving to California. Yes, we have earthquakes, devastating fires followed by catastrophic mudslides, the highest taxes in the country (and going higher) ,and a Democrat-controlled legislature that is rife with sexual assault charges. On the other hand I played tennis four times last week (outdoors)!

  2. Cheers, Henry. Along those lines we’re spending more and more time in Spain. Congratulations on playing tennis outdoors. I took a New Year’s Day plunge in the sea (in the Mediterranean).

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