A Cruelty Guy

There is a cruelty guy, not on the national level
like the jackals that the would-be emperor unleashes
but more personal and focussed. Robin Hood
and he were soulmates in another life.

His obsession is to destroy the Goebbels clones
who compete for the mad leader’s favour and for the power
to oppress and torture normal civil people.

He is a sort of god, or a wraith — a cloud of hate.

Last night I dreamt that I watched him at work.

He rounded up some of the would-be emperor’s aides
and stood them shackled in a moonlit square.

He asked them to repeal their cruel rules.

When they refused, he showed them personal hurt.

He pushed a titanium trocar through their shoulders.
He threaded poison wire through their red wounds.

He tied the wire off.
                                      ‘Perfect poison circles
like ruffs of office,’ he said.
                                      They said, ‘Please
give us another chance.’
                                      He said, ‘Too late.’

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