Prosaic Parting

I tire of the squirrels. They tire of me.
We agree to separate.
I walk towards the tree. They bark, ‘No, we!’
I retrace my steps and wait.
The squirrels run around me on the ground,
then they actually run up the tree.
I too could climb it given time;
I could climb it pitifully.
I will go home instead, perhaps to bed,
or more likely to a table
where I will sit and write though it takes all night
a squirrel-and-human fable.

2 thoughts on “Prosaic Parting

    • Thank you, Elise. I am glad to hear this. I was watching squirrels run up a tree and I thought about writing about them when it occurred to me that no one wanted to hear more animal songs so I started off saying that I was tired of squirrels then thought they might be equally tired of me and we were off to the races :-)

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