Wee Human Beasts

Here’s why the other human beasts abhor us.
It’s a common trait we have from common parents
so common we have other mannerisms
like war and murder our kind traces back
to when we were one family razing cane,
each of us thinking he or she is able
to get out after setting fires in stables.
We’re sure we prosper sponsoring insane
wars somewhere else, feel we evade the pack,
and packs of lies, and sponsored barbarisms,
each certain it’s the other who’s the tyrant,
and the only god’s the one who roots for us.

7 thoughts on “Wee Human Beasts

  1. I’m not sure why it keeps happening but every time I try to comment on one of your poems at your website, it won’t accept it. Asks me to log in and when I do, it sends me back to the original page, where I write my comment and then the stuff underneath the comment sends me back through the whole cycle again. So after 3 tries, I gave up, but I did want to say I like this one–too true and too sad, but well put.

    Happy New Year

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