The Ark Tangent — a poem not for EARTH TOURIST



jackdaw on ark tangent

Jackdaw Jackdaw, BA (Hons), MComp, DPT, FBCS, Corvus monedula, O.I.D. lighted in front of me and asked, ‘Where’s it got to then, that “ark tangent” thing?’


‘I want to feature it on JACKDAW DOLLOPS.’

‘It’s not finished.’

‘All the better. Both our readers will be grateful.’

Subtle, that bird. I opened the WWII footlocker and we watched the moths fly out. I dusted brittle pages and packets until I found the right one. ‘Here it is,’ I said.

Jackdaw Jackdaw yelled, ‘Look behind you!’

I jumped and spun around, spun back (it took a while) to see Jackdaw Jackdaw flying off with the Ark Tangent’s prologue.

‘Works every time,’ he cawed. ‘I am going to post this.’

And that’s what he did, over at JACKDAW DOLLOPS.<–click here