The Pig Who Thinks in English

The pig who thinks in English takes his ease
and taps his trotters daintily on tiles
that echo pleasantly while sun and breeze
bring pleasure to him, teasing out those smiles
he’s famous for among his litter mates.
‘What is Man good for? There are many things.
Men bring us dinner morning, noon, and night.
They track our pedigrees, record our weights
and wear, as we do, ear and nasal rings.
When alone, some like to warm our nights.
What’s best? This fact, I think: It’s really neat
how, if you close your eyes, they’re good to eat.’

The Pig Who Thinks in English was published in Möbius, The Poetry Magazine, May, 2000.
It was also presented on the Porkopolis website in July 2002 and appeared in the book Sometimes in Balance by Alan Reynolds, 2007.

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