Glimpse of Emotion

I dreamed I was on a mountain,
not the top but a south-side cove
where a deer had grazed till a bear walked through
and disappeared in haze.

I wake in a land that is totally flat
out to the horizon’s curve.
The seagulls scream and the jackdaws speak
and the willows grow new limbs.

There are no snakes here, nor a need for screens.
It is civilised it seems.
The bear I dreamed of has grown up
and long ago it died.

2 thoughts on “Glimpse of Emotion

  1. I saw a cute little snake this morning so cold it could barely move. I picked it up, took it home, photographed it and placed it in a sunny. Pretty soon it got solargized and slithered away.

  2. No need for screens anywhere these days with windows always closed to keep cool air-conditioned air in (summer) and cold air out or warm furnace air in (winter).

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