Occam, let us adorn it

I think that I will never see
the point of tarting up a tree
too small to bless me with some shade
or fruit to press for lemonade.

A tree so minuscule to need
protection when the dachshund peed.

A tree if by a marmot climbed
would break and let him get enslimed
in mud dug up among its roots
by truffle-hunting bandicoots.

A tree attributed to chaps
who’ll stew a spaniel if it naps.

A bonsai tree whose fairy size
is meant some say to maximize
the egos of our human race
that loses little losing face.

A tree as large as broccoli stumps;
a sort of mushroom with the mumps.

A tree whose lumber would if pressed
fail to provide one decent chest.

Enfin a tree too small for me
to eulogize. A flimflam tree.

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