Morpheus Himself is Restive

It’s 3 AM. The therapy: hold a book
that I can read but won’t if I turn on the light
is working, is that therapy, although it took
at 2:45 all of my will and might
to keep the room too dark to read or write.
I ride loose thoughts that float to where it’s day,
to Tokyo, Seoul, Rangoon, Bombay:
so many places and people, a gazillion flies.
It’s 3:45. Morpheus tells me it’s okay,
and that he can’t sleep no matter what he tries.

2 thoughts on “Morpheus Himself is Restive

  1. Ah, another poem from you that I can strongly relate to–especially since I’ve had many of those sleepless nights in the past 3 months since I broke my arm. Never tried just holding a book though. What I have been doing is listening to an audiobook that I’ve already read (so I won’t lose what the story is about when I doze off) with the headphones and Audible’s sleep timer feature. It’s been working fairly well on those nights when I have difficulty falling asleep.

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